Give Your Kitchen A New Look

So you want to give your a kitchen a new, fresh look without having to dip too much in your pocket book. It's simple, just change your cabinets and give your kitchen some 'jewelry” to spice up it's look and create a more up-to-date feel. You can start by looking in some magazines, on different websites, and browse through some home design books to come up with a list of cabinet options you might be interested in. Once you have a list you want to narrow it down to just two or three that you really like the most. When your finally ready to pick the final design you want to go with, you want to consider one thing: is this cabinet style similar to my old one? Remember, you want to choose a cabinet design that is different than the cabinets you currently have. Consider getting a different tone, color, shape, or design. One thing to think about when selecting kitchen cabinets is to think about your style. One kind of kitchen do you want? Old-fashioned? Modern? You have to define your style. Whatever new cabinet design you choose to go with you have to make sure that it coordinates with your back splashes and your counter tops. If it doesn't you definitely will be giving you're a kitchen a new look, but a bad one. There are a three major types of kitchen cabinets: custom cabinets, in-stock cabinets, and semi- custom kitchen cabinets. Custom kitchen cabinets are big trend this year. The good thing about them is that you can have everything made to fit you and your family needs. With custom cabinets you can have everything built so that your appliances and the things you need are right at your finger tips. To have custom cabinets built can be very expensive. In-stock kitchen cabinets are the most affordable ones on the market. They are produced in large quantities so most of the hardware stores you go to purchase them will have them on hand for you. Most of the times in-stock cabinets are just plain ones. You want to try to get away from the same, old, boring look. Semi- custom kitchen cabinets have a wider range of styles, colors and shapes. The material in them are a higher grade then what's used in in-stock cabinets. The manufactures will allow some changes, and alterations to it if you desire It takes up to six weeks for semi-custom cabinets to be delivered to you. You can also paint your current kitchen cabinets. Many people think that to get new look for their cabinets they have to take out the ones they have and buy a set of whole new ones. You can work with what you have. That includes repainting your cabinets, putting in some designs and refacing cabinets. Refacing kitchen cabinets comprise of removing, cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and giving it a new surface. Then you can get some new, unique knobs for you cabinets door. Applying new hardware and some new hinges can finalizes the transformation To get a new kitchen look you don't have to go hiring contractors and remodeling the whole place. Just a few simple changes to your kitchen cabinets will give your whole kitchen an updated look and make it seem brand new again.