How To Survive and Live With a Remodeling Project In Your Home

Remodeling is one of those few things in life that you hate so much but can't do without. Some other such temptations are chocolate and butter! But the chaos, inconvenience and mess of remodeling will be easier to handle with a little amount of preparation. Prepare yourself for the onslaught of dust, labors, noise and much worse. If you think your home looks bad now, just wait until you see the 'stripped down to the bare' looks of your home. It will be a maze of loose electrical wires, old and rusty insulation, and exposed studs etc. Kick yourself in the mind and remind yourself of how beautiful your home will look once it's remodeled on and imagine all the beauty and the appreciative looks and compliments you’ll receive on a job well done! Your emotional health is bound to fare well when you are confident about the remodeling results. That's why it's important to sit down with your family and work out exactly what you want and the jasmin live design you have in mind. If you can afford an architect, gain maximum benefit from his/her expertise. To get an idea of what you are in for, a visit to some other ongoing work sites as well as completed sites will be a good idea. Finally remember, the baloney that you are fed on glossy interior magazines or on is as far away from the truth as is visibly possible. Remodeling is almost always about the small stuff, and that’s the stuff that really makes one sweat. So be prepared to sweat until you start dripping!

Waking Up To A Fabulous New Kitchen!

The kitchen if not the most important is something that makes a home complete and once in a while, kitchens need repair work as well as re-modeling. So if you have been thinking about remodeling your kitchen then you need to start by identifying the latest jasmine live trends related to kitchen decor. One of the important things to remember is that your kitchen décor should complement the overall decor of your home. Cabinets: There are several ways of remodeling your kitchen and best place to start is with the cabinets. The cabinets are mostly used for storing utensils and food grains and are considered to be the most visually appealing element in the kitchen. The latest trends in remodeling cabinets include exterior looks as well as creating space based on personalized storage. You can try out the open shelves, have a special wood carved designer shelf for you china displays, and mastermind a built-in or even movable wine rack. The options are plenty. Appliances: The second most important thing that you can change in your kitchen is the existing appliances. You can bring in chef-style modern cooking equipment or a 6 burner gas cook-top that has easy to use front controls. You can change the kitchen sink, get your refrigerator and keep all your utensils in cabinets so that your kitchen looks neat and organized. Accessories: Some of the most popular kitchen remodeling trends includes fitting roll-out trays, bread boxes, lid holders, and even certain concealed features that can promote efficiency and at the same time provide you with a user-friendly space for cooking.

5 Great Tips for Bedroom Design

Bought a new home and desperately seeking a good bedroom design? Or, if you are entangled in a home improvement project then making sure the bedrooms have good interior decor becomes terribly crucial. Here are five great tips for converting a drab and dull bedroom into a private retreat by making most of what's at your disposal.

1) Keeping the bed – A blank wall is most suitable for a bed. Orienting it towards the best available view that your live sex chat room provides will just be great!

2) Take control of the sunlight – Too much daylight can be disturbing. Taking control of excess sunlight especially during summer months must be given adequate thought. Consider using shutters or blinds for greater flexibility. Awnings and eaves (traditional) make excellent window shades too!

3) Designate storage space in the bedroom – Separate space for storing stuff is a MUST! Hide the actual function of the space with colorful wall hangings, mirrors, or other attractive elements.

4) Built in storage – Bedrooms often get converted into junkyards with our unused stuff. Creating custom built in storage space provide you an efficient solution besides imparting a cohesive and clutter-free look.

5) Take advantage of rooflines – Utilize your home’s rooflines to create interesting spaces that merge into each other seamlessly while creating a visual impact. This is especially true if you have a bedroom under a stairway or have high sloping roofs.

Countertop Styles Add Kitchen Flare

You will never run out of choices with regards to your kitchen countertops. Some are very expensive, while others are extremely cheap. Regardless of your choice, however, countertops will always add beauty and provide a strong foundation for your pots and pans, and other things that you could be putting on top of them. But what kind of countertop should you purchase, and how does one differ from the other? Granite countertops. Granite countertops are highly excellent if you’re thinking about eco-friendliness in your kitchen. Moreover, the materials add sophistication and elegance to your kitchen. However, they are more expensive compared to other types of countertops. So if you want to lessen down your expenses, you may want to shop around first for possible lower-priced granite materials. There are several advantages that you can attribute to granite countertops. First of all, they come in different colors—thousands of them—so you can absolutely pick the one that doesn’t only fit the motif of your kitchen but will also reflect your personality. Moreover, they are long-lasting; there’s a good possibility that you wouldn’t have to change your countertops for a decade. Most of all, they can hold up to heat. Ceramic countertops. A perfect alternative to granite countertops are those that are made of granite. This is because they are inexpensive, just perfect for someone who can be on a very tight budget. There are also several designs and styles that you can choose from, so most likely, you wouldn’t be spending a lot of time looking for the right one for your kitchen. If you’re the type of person who is always on a hurry, you may want to go for ceramic countertops. They are very easy to clean. Nevertheless, you still have to properly maintain them. They can easily get chipped or cracked. Wooden countertops. They are perfect for those who love to add a country feel right into their kitchen. Wood countertops are also very beautiful to look at and are known to possess high-quality finishes. Like ceramic countertops, they are also extremely easy to clean. However, they can be easily get damaged if you constantly expose them to water and stains. Marble countertops. Marble countertops are extremely expensive; that’s why you can seldom find them in homes. Normally, they are being used in high-class restaurants and bars. Nevertheless, if you have some cash to spare and you can definitely afford to go for marble countertops, then so be it. After all, they are the most durable kind of countertop material in the market. They don’t only resist water, but they are also highly tolerable to heat. What’s more, they exude class, giving your kitchen a very professional, polished, and luxurious look. Stainless steel countertops. Are you looking for a longer-lasting and heat-resistant countertop? Then this is definitely what you’re looking for. It’s also perfect for someone who likes to achieve an industrial or more modern look in their kitchen. However, there are some cons that you have to remember. Besides being pricey, it can easily develop dents and produce annoying sounds every time you suddenly place something on top of it. How to Shop for Countertops If you aren’t sure which of these materials you will likely use, then you can browse through magazines and read home living books and other references. They can provide you with more information about countertops. If you know someone who’s an expert of it, you can also ask for their fair opinion. In the end, though, you have to bear in mind that it’s going to be your home. Choose the one that will bring out the loveliness of your kitchen without you going overboard with your budget.

Top 5 Kitchen Renovation Dos and Don'ts

A cheerful, airy, and naturally lighted kitchen is not just welcoming but also the core of positive energies in your home. If you are on the verge of renovating your kitchen and want to use your kitchen area to its full potential, then here are some helpful tips that won't put a hole through your pocket.

1) Do Plan the Renovation Ahead – If you leave planning of the kitchen for the last minute, you are likely to either forget some things or you will run up a huge bill. Because cabinets are customized, a last minute change could have a significant ripple effect on your otherwise, tightly worked out renovation plan.

2) Do Choose A Good Kitchen Design – The one thing that takes the cake is a functional and practical kitchen design. So, irrespective of the amount of money you may spend on materials, accessories, and labor, if your chosen design isn’t good – life's going to be very difficult for you!

3) Do Fix Up a Renovation Budget – Make sure you draw up a renovation budget that fits your pocket. Set a maximum limit to make sure that you don’t spend unnecessarily.

4) Don’t Make a Hasty Decision – NEVER make a decision related to your kitchen’s renovation in haste. Don’t let the contractor or interior designer push you into making a decision.

5) Don't clutter or over accessorize – AVOID being seduced by 'the glitter and glamour' of kitchen accessories. Only indulge in useful and necessary accessories that will make life easy and working convenient for you.

Five Best Ideas For Home Remodeling

Once you decide to remodel your home that you will need to decide what things are the most important things to do during the project. Which will enhance the quality of life as well as add value to your home? There are several types of improvements that can be made to a home, but not all of them are feasible with regards to usage, not to mention they do not add to your home's value. The following items are what have been found to be the key things, which should be focused on during a home remodeling project, (Shown in order of priority).

1. Wood Deck - If your home has a wood deck already, refurbishing or replacing this item is most important. If your home does not have a wood deck one needs to be added. Adding a wood deck adds to the aesthetic appearance of the home as well as increasing its value greatly. Use of traditional wood has the down side of needing to be stained every so often, but there's a new product called Trex, which simulates the appearance of wood, but is maintenance free. Usage of this product adds even more value to a home than one with standard lumber decking.

2. Siding - If you have an older home, vinyl replacement siding is a great way to enhance the appearance as well as eliminate the need for painting. If you have aluminum siding or older vinyl, replacement vinyl siding is still a good idea because both of these are probably showing their age and due for replacement. New siding makes your home more energy efficient as well as greater in value.

3. Kitchen - Remodeling the kitchen to include newer cabinets, taller forty-two inch base cabinets, nicer counter tops, and newer more efficient appliances makes your kitchen have not only all the modern conveniences for you, but adds value to your home if you ever were to decide to sell.

4. Windows - Windows tend to be the weak point of your house with regard to energy loss. They degrade and deteriorate over time and are not as efficient as they once were. Replacing the windows lowers your energy bills as well as adds value to your home. These should be replaced as part of the remodeling project. Wood windows are preferred over vinyl because they add more value than vinyl does. This is probably because of the more traditional appearance as well as the fact that wood does last longer on windows.

5. Bathroom - A more efficient bathroom with newer fixtures and reliable plumbing is a must. This improvement not only adds to your comfort factor in the enjoyment of the home, but it adds to the value of the home as well.

If you take all these factors into consideration and have a good plan prepared in advance, then your home remodeling project should turn out just fine. Keep an open line of communication with your contractor so that you can be alerted to potential pratfalls, which need to be covered for successful completion of the project.